International Olympiad in the Tatar language and literature

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Dear colleagues and students in Russian Federation and abroad!

We would like to invite you to participate in International Olympiad in the Tatar language and literature!

International Olympiad in the Tatar language and literature is held within the framework of the Federal program of TatarstanRepublic on the study, preserving and developing the languages spoken in Tatarstan Republic and other languages for 2004-2013. The aim of the program is to create complementary conditions on preserving and supporting the development of the Tatar language, literature and culture in the subjects of theRussian Federation and also abroad.

The Program of the Olympiad includes the following:

1. The registration of the participants from 26 of July to 13 of September 2012 on the portal of KFU;

2. The first turn, selection (the internet-test of the knowledge in the Tatar language, literature, history, traditions and culture) – from 14 to 18 of September 2012. The Internet-testing is held remotely on the base of the computer classes at schools/Universities or “home computers” of the users. (The instruction on the stages of the registration and taking part in the test will be given before 26 of July on the portal of KFU;

3. The second turn from 19 to 20 of October 2012 is held for those selected by the previous turn (the Internet-test). The list will be published on the portal of KFU and the site of the Ministry of Education until 20 September 2012;

4. The third turn consists of the following steps:

a. oral and colloquial contest;

b. written contest including the tasks on Tatar language, literature, culture, history and writing an essay on the given topic;

c. contest in performance skills (Tatar songs, dances and speaking genre);

d. contest-presentation of the country, the place of living (video or other ways).

Participation terms:

1. Participants can be students of the 9, 10, 11 grade living inRussian Federationor abroad at the age of 14 and over.

2. The winners will be awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of Tatarstan Republic and valuable prizes. All participants of the second stage of the Contest will be given prizes. Every participant of the Contest will be given a certificate of a participant.

3. Participants are registered personally on the portal of KFU

Contacts: (843) 292-27-74, 292-59-93

Organizing committee of the Olympiad: (843) 292-27-74, 292-59-93

Technical support of KFU: (843) 238-77-11



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